How to choose the best IVF doctor?

How to choose the best IVF doctor?

Choosing a fertility clinic to undergo assisted reproductive treatment (ART) can be challenging. Keen couples scour through the internet on fertility forums or websites to find out more information. The fact is there is a plethora of factors that makes up a good fertility clinic. The most obvious indicator is IVF success rate, and digging further you would find that the IVF doctor, ART technology and laboratory experience also contribute to their decision-making.

A couple’s IVF journey is very personal. The number of IVF cycles varies. Many couples may succeed on their first attempt, but some may require multiple cycles. There is no specific explanation for this. Therefore, it is important to choose a skillful and supportive IVF doctor whom you are comfortable with on your ART journey.

Our in-house doctor, Dr Tan Heng Hao, simply puts, “I often describe it as a journey that we go on with the patient. That means being more than a doctor addressing their medical needs.” As such, Dr Tan believes that patients must be given liberty and options in the decision-making process.

Apart from personalisation of fertility programmes for couples seeking IVF, Dr Tan also performs reproductive surgery for fertility enhancement and actively sees patients for obstetric and gynaecological (O&G) needs, hence, providing a one-stop solution from ‘lab to cradle’.

A couple’s IVF journey is personal and unique, and therefore, the number of cycle varies from couple to couple. While some may succeed after only 1 cycle, there are others who need multiple cycles, and there is no scientific explanation for it. Therefore, it is important to partner with a skilful and supportive doctor whom you are comfortable with to embark on this fertility journey with you.

When we talk about the IVF clinic, another important criterion is the clinic’s annual number of cases. This ensures that staff have sufficient exposure and experience to perform procedures and maintain high standards of technical expertise. Also crucial to the outcome, is the technology employed to assist with fertility treatments. There are notable advancements throughout the decades in cryopreservation systems, culture methods, types of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), and artificial intelligence that one should look out for.

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