Choosing an IVF clinic that specialises in female infertility

Choosing an IVF clinic that specialises in female infertility

Now that you’ve made up your mind to start fertility treatment, the next step is to look for an IVF clinic. It is important to choose the right clinic as treatment can involve much time, resources, and effort. In this article, we would like to share tips on how to choose an IVF clinic that specialises in female fertility issues.

What is female infertility?

Generally, infertility affects both men and women. There are a wide range of factors that contributes to female infertility and that includes:

  • Problems with ovulation such as blocked fallopian tubes, hormonal imbalances
  • Egg quality & quantity—low ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis
  • Uterus abnormalities—adenomyosis, fibroids and polyps, cesarian scar ‘niche’

Tips on finding the right IVF clinic for female fertility issues:

Frankly, choosing an IVF clinic is personal and subjective. Your choice is likely influenced by a number of factors. Here are several tips that you can take into consideration.

1. Fertility doctor’s experience

The fertility doctor plays a significant role in a patient’s IVF success. One way to know if the doctor is experienced is whether they are highly recommended by others. You can do research by looking at online forums or hear from successful past-patients. Another important aspect is the doctor’s expertise in performing fertility surgeries. These surgeries may be required prior to an embryo transfer to increase chances of pregnancy. Find out more about our consultant fertility specialist, Dr Tan Heng Hao.

2. IVF success rates

One of the most sought-after information when choosing an IVF clinic is IVF success rates. Although a clinic’s success rates do not a guarantee a baby, it is an indicator of the clinic’s ability to perform the procedures. What you should look out for is statistics for your age group. Do bear in mind that success rates alone is not conclusive, as clinics may vary in their take-up of patients, their age and complexity of infertility. Learn more about our IVF success rates.

3. IVF laboratory and technologies employed

The laboratory equipment and technologies used in an IVF clinic are crucial for successful treatment. Every improvement in the IVF process benefits patients, and even more so, for women of lower prognosis with severe female fertility issues. As part of individualised process, Alpha leverages on technologies such as Pulse-Driven ICSI, Time-Lapse Culture System and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for embryo selection. Furthermore, our IVF laboratory implements protocols that have been built on years of experience since the start of Alpha IVF Group. Have a look at our facilities and laboratory.

4. First experience with fertility doctor / IVF clinic

The fertility journey is arduous and may be lengthy, hence it is important that you feel comfortable with the fertility doctor, staff and the clinic’s setting. You want a doctor that has good bedside manners and is able to listen to you rather than dictating the discussion. You should expect staff that are friendly and are happy to answer your questions. Lastly, do consider the accessibility of the clinic as you will be frequenting often.

5. Cost of treatment & method of payment

It is wise to do your homework on the cost of treatment and types of services provided at the clinic. There is usually a session for financial counselling where the costs involved for treatment are explained in detail. Also, find out which insurers the clinic is affiliated to, if you intend to use your insurance coverage on permitted women’s health- related procedures. Lastly, inquire with the clinic for MediSave withdrawals for Assisted Conception Procedures, if that is applicable to you.

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