How to choose an obstetrician & gynaecologist in Singapore?

How to choose an obstetrician & gynaecologist in Singapore?

No doubt, all women would want to have the best gynae for their pregnancy journey. Each woman or mother-to-be is unique and they all have different medical needs and preferences. As such, it is important to choose a gynae that suits your requirements in your pregnancy journey.

Tips on finding the right gynae for your pregnancy journey:

Finding the right doctor may be difficult and overwhelming for most women and mothers-to-be. The following tips could be helpful to ease your decision-making process.

1. Obtain gynae recommendations

Often enough, recommendations from family or friends who have had personal experiences with the doctor can help in your decision-making. These are opinions and recommendations from people you trust and can be more assuring. They could also be the ones providing you with answers to some of the basic questions that you might have.


2. Referral from your trusted family doctor/General Practitioner

You may also want to consider recommendations from your trusted family doctor or general practitioner (GP). Your family doctor knows best about your current health status and may refer you to a specialised gynae who is capable to manage your condition.

3. Research for reviews and gynae recommendations from online community

If you do not have any recommendations from your family and friends, you may want to approach the online community such as local forums. There are several forums where women, mothers or mothers-to-be share and review their gynae experience. After narrowing down to a specific gynae that is recommended by your family and friends or from the online community, you should also do your own research.

4. Consider gynae’s experience and expertise/specialisation

The experience and expertise of a gynae are important factors to consider. For mothers-to-be, the mode of delivery is another key factor to consider as some gynaes may offer different birth plans from others.

5. Accessibility

The location of the clinic should be considered as well. As you will be frequenting the clinic a lot during your pregnancy journey, the clinic should be located near you, or easily accessible by any mode of transportation available to you.

6. Preferred hospital for delivery

If the place of delivery is important for you, do check if the gynae performs delivery at your preferred hospital. The reason is that some gynaes have accreditation only with certain hospitals. Our in-house Medical Director at Alpha, Dr Tan Heng Hao does deliveries at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MENH), Thomson Medical Centre and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

7. Cost and affordability

You should consider the overall costs before deciding to choose between private and public clinics/hospitals/doctors. The overall cost will include your regular gynae reviews and delivery package. If you are concerned about the total cost for your pregnancy journey, please email or call to enquire about the cost breakdown, including the price of medication.


After the first consultation with your selected gynae, it is important to review your overall of seeing the gynae, the centre’s facilities, atmosphere, and its quality of service. Your first visit should be pleasant and comfortable. Should you feel uncomfortable and uneasy with the gynae, you may consider changing to a new gynae. Your pregnancy journey should be a comfortable and reassuring one, with your safety and wellbeing as a top priority

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