Our Embryologists

Ms Yap Pei Fang, Chief Embryologist

Ms Yap Pei Fang is the Chief Embryologist here at Alpha IVF Centre. She has been working as a MOH authorised clinical embryologist since 2009, with experience in all facets of assisted reproductive technology (ART).

Prior to beginning her career as an embryologist, Yap Pei Fang completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree, which allowed her an insight to the field of Reproductive Science. As her role in embryology progressed, she became interested in gaining more theoretical knowledge and therefore, completed her Master in Clinical Embryology through the University of Leeds in 2014.

With her experience in the field, she has mentored a handful of budding embryologists, imparting the wealth of knowledge she has acquired through the years. Yap Pei Fang enjoys the challenges that ART presents, with each patients’ history and journey needing a personalised treatment approach. She feels great fulfilment when the team can help couples fulfil their dreams of becoming parent.

Mr Lim Wei Hou, Senior Embryologist

Mr Lim Wei Hou is a Senior Embryologist at Alpha IVF Centre. With numerous years of experience as a licensed clinical embryologist under his belt, he has the technical skills and understanding in all aspects of Assisted Reproduction.

Lim Wei Hou graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences from National University of Singapore in 2013 and had interned at A*STAR where he actively participated in research involving the discovery of breast cancer biomarkers.

​Thus far, he has attended numerous lectures and workshops including the Ovarian Club VII in Hong Kong (2016), the 1st ART Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2016) and Vitrolife ART Academy Workshop in Beijing, China (2015). To further excel in the field of Reproductive Science, he is currently enrolled at the University of Leeds, Master in Clinical Embryology programme, while still working at Alpha IVF.

Lim Wei Hou experiences much joy in helping couples who long for a family realise their dreams through their ART journey as he dedicates himself in providing patients his best.

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