Colposcopy, LEEP or Laser Surgery

What is Colposcopy?

​Colposcopy is a medical diagnostic test that uses a colposcope to get a magnified view of your cervix for the identification of abnormal or precancerous cells. It is often done if cervical screening test (either by Pap smear and/or human papillomavirus testing) returns positive. Biopsies may also be done at the time of the colposcopy to help determine if and when treatment of the abnormality is needed.


Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach: LEEP or Laser Cone and Laser Vaporisation Treatment

LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) involves the use of a thin electrical wire loop to remove abnormal and precancerous tissue from the cervix.  LEEP treatment may be performed if the PAP smear test, colposcopy, or biopsy comes out positive. The procedure usually takes only a few minutes and is done with the aid of a colposcope. After LEEP, you may return to most of your normal daily activities within a few days.

In a Laser treatment, the surgeon uses a surgical microscope to direct a beam of intense light onto the affected area to ablate or excise abnormal cells without the destruction of healthy ones.

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