Gynaecological cancer refers to cancers arising from the female reproductive organs.

​There are five main types of gynaecological cancer: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar.

​Each gynaecological cancer is unique and differs in terms of their sign & symptoms, risk factors and prevention strategies. The risks for gynaecological cancers for women increases with age. Early detection and onset of treatment are keys to overcome cancer, as with most other types of cancer. For signs & symptoms of each type of gynaecological cancer: click here.

Why should you choose (AIVF / WS) for management of gynaecological cancers?

Here, we have the expertise provided by Dr Timothy Lim Yong Kuei, our dedicated O&G Specialist with subspecialty interest in gynaelogical oncology. His key interest is minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery for the management of gynaecological cancers. Some milestone procedures performed were:

  • laparoscopic Wertheim’s radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer.
  • fertility sparing abdominal radical trachelectomy for early cervical cancer with successful pregnancy.
  • ICG-NIR sentinel lymph node biopsy for early endometrial cancer.
  • introduction of digital colposcopy services for preinvasive diseases.

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