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We see an increasing trend of women having children at a later age over the past decade. As there can be various reasons for delaying childbirth, some women may have difficulty in getting pregnant naturally.


Why should you choose Alpha IVF Centre for fertility treatment?

As a fertility centre with an established system and experienced team of specialists, we provide fertility treatments that can make a difference in your life. Our fertility services range from ovulation induction to IUI and IVF, as well as surgical procedures for infertility. We strongly believe in adopting advanced technologies in assisted reproductive treatment cycles such as Time-Lapse Culture and the use of an effective cryopreservation system. Our purpose-built medical facilities meet international standards and are maintained with strict quality control.

If you have been trying for a baby for more than 6 months (age 35 & above) and have yet to conceive, we advise you to see our fertility specialist. Our team is ready to support and assist you throughout your journey.

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