Gynaecological Cancer Surgery – Minimally Invasive

For many women with gynaecological cancers, surgery:

  • is often the first line of defence to remove as much of tumour cells as possible.
  • provides definitive treatment for early-stage cancers and contributes to management of patients with advanced cancers.

In the past, surgery was limited to open surgery, which is long cut along the belly, due to the difficulty of navigating surgical instruments in a confined space.

What is Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgery?

Thankfully with clinical advancements, minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery is now overshadowing traditional methods. This is made possible by the use of specially-designed smaller tools and camera. The surgeon is able to perform abdominal procedures through tiny ‘keyhole’ incisions of 1/2 to 1cm, rather than through one large incision. Patients recover quicker with fewer complications and lesser pain.

Minimally invasive cancer surgery can be only be considered in clinically early gynaecological cancers.

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