Women's Health

Managing PCOS with diet

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is often associated to obesity as it is prevalent in PCOS women. Glucose, a trigger, is capable of inducing oxidative stress, thereby stimulating an inflammatory response [1]. With dietary control, we can maintain a healthy weight and manage insulin levels better. There is no standard or perfect diet for PCOS. However, following two diets may help manage PCOS symptoms. (more…)

Optimising your pregnancy chances

Miscarriages are common in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Unfortunately, they are unpreventable. There are many factors that could lead to a miscarriage, such as chromosomal abnormalities and fetus development issues. However, there are ways we can adopt to have a healthy and positive pregnancy. (more…)

What services does a women’s clinic provide?

A women’s clinic provides various healthcare services for women at every stage of their lives. A women’s clinic offers solutions to issues relating to women’s reproductive health, fertility and pregnancy. Gynecological conditions such as abnormal menstrual flow/pain, ovarian cysts and genital tract infections are commonly seen in women, regardless of age, and may cause infertility. Hence, it is important to visit a gynaecologist (gynae) to address any reproductive health concerns before they become a threat to one’s health and fertility. Besides that, a women’s clinic also provides medical care to mothers-to-be during their pregnancy, and manages the delivery of their babies. (more…)
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