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Fertility Test for Couples

Planning for a baby can be both fun and tedious. For couples who have been trying to conceive with no success, having a fertility test can provide more information.

What are fertility tests?

Fertility tests comprise of a series of tests to investigate the couple’s reproductive health. It helps to identify any issues preventing them from getting pregnant. Assessments are done through several ways such as blood tests, ultrasound scans and semen analysis. The fertility specialist will review your results and advise on fertility treatment, if necessary.


How is fertility health determined?

Fertility health is first based on general screening to rule off prevailing conditions. Tests such as full blood counts, thyroid hormone levels, infectious disease status are performed.

1. Female Checks

Ovarian reserve is the measure of eggs available at any time. Typically, a woman is born with as many eggs as she will have, and the eggs get used up over her lifetime. To determine ovarian reserve, AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone) levels are tested and an ultrasound scan is done to find out the antral follicle count (AFC).

Other checks may include a pelvic exam or fallopian tube patency test to assess the pelvic organs.

2. Male Checks

For the man, he is required to produce a semen sample for a semen analysis (sperm test) to be done. The analysis helps to identity any abnormalities to the sperm count, motility and shape. Knowing these parameters is helpful to select the most appropriate treatment.

Semen analysis is only permitted for men who are seeking fertility treatment.


What is the next step?

With these results at hand, the fertility specialist can devise a treatment plan for you to conceive. In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment is not necessarily the next step as there are other alternatives which are less invasive and costly; for example, ovulation medications or intrauterine insemination (IUI).

In most cases, it is never too early for couples to get their fertility assessed—as time provides an upper hand. To find out more about fertility tests, click here.

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