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How to prepare for an Embryo Transfer?

Embryo transfer is the last step of IVF procedure towards having a baby of your own. Fresh or frozen embryo(s) are transferred to the uterus for implantation to happen. Implantation usually takes place 1 to 2 days after the transfer. You can prepare yourself for the embryo transfer to reduce your worries and optimise your chances of success. (more…)

IVF injections: Tips for fertility shots

For women pursuing in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), you will most likely be given fertility medications for ovarian stimulation. These medications come in the form of injections and are usually self- administered. It can be a challenging experience to have multiple IVF injections a day, even for those who are unafraid of needles. Here are several tips from our nurses that may be of help. (more…)

Process of IVF (A step by step guide)

Step 1: Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation facilitates the retrieval of multiple oocytes during oocyte pick up (OPU) procedure in an IVF cycle. In order to retrieve multiple oocytes, the ovaries are stimulated through daily administration of fertility medications. Throughout the course of stimulation, the follicles in the ovaries grow in size and potentially contain oocytes (eggs). Generally, it takes about 10 to 14 days for stimulation. It is perfectly normal to have a shorter or longer stimulation period as the duration of stimulation can differ due to individual’s unique body constitution. (more…)

How should I start my fertility treatment?

If you and your spouse have decided to seek fertility treatment after failing to conceive your own for a long time, you may call and book an appointment with your fertility doctor. During your first visit, your doctor may ask questions regarding both of your medical histories. Then, your doctor may plan the necessary fertility assessments to find out the issues that are causing you to have difficulty conceiving. (more…)