Working while pregnant – Tips on fighting pregnancy fatigue

Working while pregnant – Tips on fighting pregnancy fatigue

It is common to experience fatigue during pregnancy, especially when you are working while pregnant. Most women will feel more tired than usual when they are pregnant. Pregnancy fatigue is common during the first and third trimester of pregnancy. You feel tired in your first trimester because your body is producing more blood to carry essential nutrients to your baby. Hormonal, emotional and physical changes that occurs in your body during early pregnancy also make you sleepy and exhausted. As you go into your third trimester, the baby has grown a lot bigger and heavier. You may have difficulty sleeping and have to go urinate more often. All of these may make you feel even more tired.

Tips for fighting pregnancy fatigue and boosting energy at work:

  1. Getting enough rest. Needless to say, having enough sleep is the solution to overcome pregnancy fatigue. You can try taking short naps during the day to recharge and boost your energy.
  2. Eat healthy. Getting the necessary nutrients may provide you with energy for your daily activities. Make sure that you eat your daily portions of vegetables and fruits. If vegetables and fruits are unappealing and make you nauseous, try turning them into vegetables soup and fruit smoothie instead!
  3. Stay hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water each day. If drinking water is too plain, you can add lemon slices or cucumber to make your water more interesting.
  4. Exercise. Try talking daily walk or sign up for exercise classes specially for pregnant women. Exercising may help you to sleep better at night.
  5. Ask for help at home. Ask a family member or your spouse for help to run errands for you, clean the house or just hire a helper so that you will have time to rest or take naps.

Seek medical help if fatigue does not go away with plenty of rest.

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