How to choose a fertility clinic?

How to choose a fertility clinic?

If you are unsure which fertility clinic to visit, this article aims to provide useful pointers that may help you make wise decision. To choose a fertility clinic that is best for you, it is worth taking note on the following points.

1. Fertility treatments offered

Browse through all the available treatments offered by the fertility clinic. Is there a particular treatment provided by the clinic that you are keen to embark on? Some common fertility treatments are IVF and IUI.


2. Laboratory and OT facilities

Take a look at their laboratory and OT facilities. Are the facilities well maintained and equipped? The extensiveness of laboratory and OT facilities indicates whether the clinic has the capacity and capability to perform necessary treatment procedures. If the clinic does not have laboratory or OT facilities, the procedures will most likely be done at other centres. Likewise, procedures can be done in the clinic if the laboratory and OT facilities are established within the clinic.


3. Technologies used

Every fertility clinic adopts different technologies. It is good to learn how technologies used by certain clinic may impact the treatment outcome positively. If you wish to learn more about Alpha’s technologies, you may visit here. The technologies adopted by Alpha has shown favourable outcomes through our success rate.


4. Clinic’s success rate

Have a look at the clinic’s success rate and understand its meaning. Success rate tells you the chances of success of the fertility treatment. It also exhibits the standard and quality of the clinic. If you wish to learn how you can improve your success and the factors that determine the success rate, click here for more information.


5. Support services offered

Fertility journey can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Couples have to deal with fertility medications, hormonal changes in the body, financial and emotional stress especially if multiple treatments are required. It is good if the clinic offers support services to manage patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Alternatively, you can learn some tips on how to cope with stress and manage your emotional health during an IVF treatment here.

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