Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IVF

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IVF

AI – Enhanced Embryo Selection System is a software tool that helps patients and embryologists select the most viable embryo that is most likely to lead to a pregnancy for their embryo transfer. With this technology, IVF success rate increases and patients may have their time to pregnancy shortened.

How does AI works?

AI – Enhanced Embryo Selection System uses deep machine learning to identify complex morphological features of an embryo that constitute a healthy embryo. AI will generate a score based on its implantation potential. The higher the AI score, the greater the chance of successful implantation. AI makes the task of embryo grading more precise and less subjective compared to conventional embryo grading by the embryologists.


Benefits of AI in IVF:

  • Shorten the time to pregnancy as most viable embryo with better implantation potential is selected for transfer
  • Reduces the number of IVF cycles required to achieve a pregnancy
  • Reduces IVF trauma
  • Non-invasive, no damage is done to the embryo • Affordable

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