How to choose an IVF clinic that deals with male fertility issues?

How to choose an IVF clinic that deals with male fertility issues?

Infertility can affect both man and woman. Very often, many discussions around infertility issues are centred on women. In fact, around one third of infertility in couples have male fertility issues. Male fertility issues such as low sperm concentration, low sperm motility and/or poor sperm morphology could be the cause of infertility.

Tips on finding the right IVF clinic for male fertility issues:

Finding a suitable IVF clinic and the right doctor for male fertility issues can be challenging. The following tips could be something for you to take into consideration.

  1. Referral from other doctors
    If you have previously sought for advice from specialists such as urologists for male reproductive issues, he or she may refer you to a fertility doctor to get your fertility health checked. From there, you can know your fertility status better and may consider getting treatments recommended by the fertility doctor.
  2. Consider doctor’s expertise and experience
    You may want to consider the doctor’s expertise and experience before deciding on which clinic to go for. A doctor who is experienced and an expert in male fertility may be able to provide some solutions to your fertility needs.
  3. Research on the fertility clinic and its facilities
    It is recommended to conduct your own research on the fertility clinic. The clinic should be equipped with adequate facilities for carrying out consultations, semen analysis and assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments. A simple way to see the suitability of the clinic is by looking at its environment and ambience. A clean and pleasant ambience and environment is the basic criteria for a clinic to carry out any consultations, analysis and/or procedures.
  4. Equipment and technologies used in the laboratory
    If you are looking for fertility treatments, the laboratory equipment and technologies used in a fertility clinic are as equally important as the experience and expertise of a fertility doctor. A clinic that provides extensive result-proven technologies and equipment demonstrates the quality and standards of the clinic. Alpha leverages on various technologies such as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Time- Lapse Culture System, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for embryo selection, to optimise your success rates.
  5. IVF success rate of the fertility clinic
    The IVF success rate demonstrates the standard of the fertility clinic based on the procedures they had done. It provides a clear indication on the chances of achieving pregnancy with the clinic. Alpha’s IVF success rates are the results of the technologies used in ART treatments. There are other factors contributing to the success rates.
  6. Review your first visit experience on the doctor and clinic’s facilities
    Now that you had gone for your first visit at the selected fertility clinic, it is necessary to review your overall experience on the facilities, doctor and clinic staff. Your first visit should be pleasant and comfortable. If you felt confident during the discussion with the doctor, and were generally happy with the overall experience you had at the clinic, you might have just found the right IVF clinic.

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