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Factors contributing to your IVF success rates

With all things considered in an IVF programme, success rate remains an important question that most couples have in mind before undergoing treatment. These are some factors that contribute to the outcome of the treatment:

  1. Maternal age
  2. Cause of infertility
  3. Embryo status
  4. Reproductive history, and
  5. Lifestyle factors

Here in Alpha IVF Centre, we have a robust clinic and laboratory system that give rise to the IVF success rates since our commencement. As part of the Alpha IVF group, Alpha IVF Centre Singapore has employed result-based technologies to optimise your chance of starting a family.

Individual success rate may vary depending on circumstances, and not every treatment cycle results in an egg collection, embryo transfer or embryo cryopreservation. It is vital to discuss these things with your fertility doctor every step of the way.

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